PyrExpeditioN (Brick In Da Bag)

from by Muja Messiah

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Put The Brick In The bag


Old habits die young
My ex on the phone line one
I moved on i shut em out Cy Young
I'm hanging up she hanging on by a thumb
Hang-10 hang gliding by the sun
Came a long way from that Insane asylum
I aint looking back I aint looking in the past life coming at me fast
Got my foot on the gas
And if I crash, all I ask is, spread my ashes over Minneapolis
What the f*** happened all these coons rapping
You and your crew should move to Coon Rapids
Play my s*** dope boys go crazy
Play your s*** white boys Old Navy
80's baby black Warren Beatty
Worshipped by the ladies like Morris Daily
I know The Time like Jerome in his prime
Nigga i was born to shine like formula 409
Defy the laws of physics like quantum physics
You out your cotton-picking mind no competition
We the hottest ticket the cross is frostbitten
Rocking Ice in a blizzard Christ has risen
20/20 vision the money is our religion
Got the keys to the city getting paid on commission
Every day I stayed dipped every outfit drippin
All my kicks is flickin, limited edition
PyrExpeditioN no intermission nobody listens
Its way too many wrists in the kitchen




RIP Bro Son
You was as real as they come
It's hard to move on with you gone
But still the job gotta get done
I ain't never been one to give up, I aint never been one to bite my tongue
You a jiggaboo nigga and the jig's up, like I said old habits die young
Daddy's home don't approach the throne
Time to postpone all you post malones
Its the Final Chapter for all you viral rappers (hahaha)
Crack me up like chiropractor
Elder Statesman felony probation in a Cell by myself that's a Celebration Florida vacation Californication got my dick looking like a California Raisin Cool J Kangol looking like a Halo tilted at an angle but never at the table Chattanooga Chalice full of Jamo, hash in the volcano
Think I'll pass I'm straight bro
Far from illiterate perfect penmanship only work for benefits and business trips
When the tension get thick like b****** in Brazil
The Adderall feel like a limitless pill
I got clientele n***** signed sealed and delivered
God-Body nigga Rodney Dangerfield nigga
PyrExpedetioN no intermission nobody listens
Its way too many wrists in the kitchen



from PyrExpeditioN, released March 2, 2017
Produced By Tek
Co-Produced By Muja Messiah
Written By Muja Messiah and P_Murda



all rights reserved


Muja Messiah Minneapolis, Minnesota

The self proclaimed “Bob Dylan in Polo linen” has once again returned to puncture holes through your comfort zone, by simply going places a lot of rappers won’t go. “Pay homage to the modern day Islamic/Marvin Gaye prophet of rage/Isaac Hayes at the Forum” on the track MCRNM. "PyrExpedition" is the prequel to the Saran Rap project produced by Roc Marciano on Man Bites Dog Records. ... more

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