Please Don't Feat​.​MetaSota

from by Muja Messiah

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RIP Robin Harris


Please don't come at me life bro
Please don't pull out the knife bro
Please don't pull out the rifle
Please don't come me life brooooooooooooo

4K worth of snowflakes in the North Face
On my way to Forest Lake in the Ford Escape
Enterprise Rental with the Florida plates
40 in the waist 4-inch blade in my Bathing Ape (ugh)
Heart rate thumping like heart breaks and 808's
Doing 88 down the interstate with 80 eighths
Pop cans by the case plotting my plan of escape
Fucked around and pocket dialed my mans by mistake
Them conversations gotta wait the combination to the safe is A1
100 racks at stake (ugh)
We used to trap out the back of Dalton Estates
That was back when niggas didn't rat when they caught a case
Now everybody Lawless and out of shape
That's why I live in outer space f***** a house on the lake (ugh)
As I accelerate on the gas quick fast these are the breaks on behalf of the paper chase


We was this close to Rock Bottom
Till we got the drop on em and molly-whopped em for all his oxycontin
Met em in the parking lot of Red Robin with the bail bondsman and the red bone bitch in the bell-bottoms
We serve wholesale straight out the Ramada
We turn hotels to hotel Rwanda
Blue Dolphins dope deals dollar signs and drama
Go to jail and post bail we out by Manána
Divide-and-conquer warmonger fire breathing monster
Godzilla step on y'all niggas like Eiffel Towers
Clam chowder behind the counter for happy hour
Plukee Duke playing patty-cake with the baby powder
All I'm saying is you pay what you weigh to live
And it's been that way ever since the days of the Bebe Kids
But i aint here to babysit no kids bitch
I been 86'd from Red Lobster since '06


The Fact remains its all for capitol gain
Rush hour traffic i was in the left lane
Stuntin is a habit smell it thru the cellophane
Bustin out the plastic like puddles in the rain
So much confusion on the brain its a crying shame
But i refuse to play the crying-game
Win lose or draw we all die the same
Please don't come at my life mane....



from PyrExpeditioN, released March 2, 2017
Produced by Tek Feat.MetaSota
Additional vocals by Rude Boy and Aqua Fresh
Written By Muja Messiah and The Co-Op



all rights reserved


Muja Messiah Minneapolis, Minnesota

The self proclaimed “Bob Dylan in Polo linen” has once again returned to puncture holes through your comfort zone, by simply going places a lot of rappers won’t go. “Pay homage to the modern day Islamic/Marvin Gaye prophet of rage/Isaac Hayes at the Forum” on the track MCRNM. "PyrExpedition" is the prequel to the Saran Rap project produced by Roc Marciano on Man Bites Dog Records. ... more

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