from by Muja Messiah

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Just because we Gods
Don't mean we aint got flaws
They said we broke the law, hell naw
The law was broke before hell ya
We stepped foot on the soil we was robbed
Word is bond we've been had all along
Puppets n Pawns justice been gone this country is wrong
(what the f*** are we on)
Good Morning Vietnam, its the dawn of the Purge dog mark my words dog Money back guarantee I'll be in Prague, way before the Coast Guard submerge dog
War is not the answer word to Jo Jo Dancer and that's just a fact my dude But ain't no peace as far as I can see my g, well at least from this altitude
Nigga wit a attitude f*** the police and f***** fast food that's on my mama
If its FDA-approved best believe it's all bad for you especially tap water
Apparently Amerikkkee is scared me i see em reaching y'all
Why the hell they tweaking y'all
They keep saying sorry to me for no reason at all
f****** an apology fuk your white guilt and f*** rice milk fuk Greek mythology
Fast forward to your glass of yogurt can't afford one more corroded artery Geometry, trigonometry, stupidity triggered by technology
Sonically we all sound asleep
While the powers that be keep counting sheep


We're at the point of no return
If i was you i'd be concerned
Paranoid at every turn
Boys will be boys when will they learn
I'm inspired by the words, i feel the fire and it burns
But justice will be served
We're at the point of no return

NotOnMyWatch NotOnMyWatch
(We aint letting shit slide)
NotOnMyWatch NotOnMyWatch
(Now is not the time)

Power to the people Albizu Campos gave the Afro Taino a reason to fight How is Puerto Rico not independent I don't get it something just don't seem right
How are we illegal after all this time after all we sacrificed in our life
How we posed to protest peacefully when the police keep shooting us on sight
Even tho we evil we don't mean to be so deceitful so impolite
The bigger they are the harder they fall my sister-in-law she in chemo she gon be alright
Colonized by dollar signs sponsored by online white collar crime Monopolization corporations the profit's rise while we drop like flies
It's all a lie !!
Not guilty verdicts got my stomach turning
We all watched him die right before our eyes
Black Pride, white man's burden
Shit aint fair but don't nobody care they all on their phone getting likes n shares
They rather say a prayer for the ozone layer instead of folks out here that been dying for years
I'm so sick and tired so desensitized so stigmatized so civilized
They won't empathize they won't sympathize i say Black Lives and they roll their eyes
You wanna talk about it lets talk about it
I can go on about it all god damn day
When the cops shot him it was justified
But they all cried when they shot Harambe


from PyrExpeditioN, released March 2, 2017
Produced by Tek
Written By Muja Messiah
Additional background vocals by thee incomparable Lady Midnight



all rights reserved


Muja Messiah Minneapolis, Minnesota

The self proclaimed “Bob Dylan in Polo linen” has once again returned to puncture holes through your comfort zone, by simply going places a lot of rappers won’t go. “Pay homage to the modern day Islamic/Marvin Gaye prophet of rage/Isaac Hayes at the Forum” on the track MCRNM. "PyrExpedition" is the prequel to the Saran Rap project produced by Roc Marciano on Man Bites Dog Records. ... more

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