Micro Wave

from by Muja Messiah

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The Intro...


Tyrannosaurus Pyrex Alliance On Assignment
My first side b**** was a kitchen appliance
Fisher-Price giant minute rice for your sinuses on consignment
Cuban Missile Crisis pulling pistols on Isis
National Treasure I put that on my flag forever
Black & Decker with The Fixx I put shit back together
Black Beretta Black umbrella Glad Bag in bad weather
Broken home full of homewreckers and Crack Peddlers
40 days 40 nights I'm on a hunger strike
Rubbing Crystal Light on her gums gave her an under bite (ugh)
Trunk full of guns Muslim Sons coming for my life
I've been on the Run since I was young but I'm Too Young To Die Summertime bullets fly like Eagles in the sky
Cross my Heart hope to die she's sticking needles in her thigh
They'll never take me alive cops tried to pay me a bribe to snitch on my guy like The Central Park Five
The thought never crossed my mind never crossed that line
Unless we on horseback Riding that Dakota Pipeline
Penthouse looking like Prince house Guinness Stout In my elephant snout
Measuring an ounce Melanin'd out
The jurys still out on my jewelry amount
Usually I got too much loot on me to count (ugh)
Leeches and lames i rebuke you in Jesus name
Gold chain looking like Dana Dane on my way to Spain
Saran Rap on the way
From the Pyrex to the cellophane
Say my name in vain Jesus H, I make,
tweakers shake turntable needles break
Divide the pie 3 ways, oyster pearl briefcase
Corona girls jumping out of big ass gluten free cakes
Cops in pursuit outside the Jamba Juice
Told me stop or I'll shoot I aint spill 1 drop of fruit
Hustler of the Year open your eyes recognize
I sold Patti LaBelle bean pies to the F.O.I.
Jon Snow trapping out of Castle Black on Camelback
Welcome to PyrExpeditioN
The Road To Saran Rap..


from PyrExpeditioN, released March 2, 2017
Produced By Tek
Written By Muja Messiah



all rights reserved


Muja Messiah Minneapolis, Minnesota

The self proclaimed “Bob Dylan in Polo linen” has once again returned to puncture holes through your comfort zone, by simply going places a lot of rappers won’t go. “Pay homage to the modern day Islamic/Marvin Gaye prophet of rage/Isaac Hayes at the Forum” on the track MCRNM. "PyrExpedition" is the prequel to the Saran Rap project produced by Roc Marciano on Man Bites Dog Records. ... more

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