by Muja Messiah

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Welcome to PyrExpeditioN...The Road To Saran Rap


released March 2, 2017

Produced By Tek
(Champion Produced By Jesslisten)
(Don't Close The Door Produced By Buddha Tye)
Written By Muja Messiah For Brooklyn Dark Ent.
Feat.Tek, MetaSota, Jesslisten, Yrak Saenz, And Maria Isa
Additional Vocals By Brazil, Lady Midnight, P_Murda, Aqua Fresh, Rude Boy And Daniel "The Juice" Simmons
Mixed And Mastered By Jesslisten at the Co-Op
Sound Verite Records
Executive Produced by Muja And Delano Lee



all rights reserved


Muja Messiah Minneapolis, Minnesota

The self proclaimed “Bob Dylan in Polo linen” has once again returned to puncture holes through your comfort zone, by simply going places a lot of rappers won’t go. “Pay homage to the modern day Islamic/Marvin Gaye prophet of rage/Isaac Hayes at the Forum” on the track MCRNM. "PyrExpedition" is the prequel to the Saran Rap project produced by Roc Marciano on Man Bites Dog Records. ... more

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Track Name: Micro Wave
Tyrannosaurus Pyrex Alliance On Assignment
My first side b**** was a kitchen appliance
Fisher-Price giant minute rice for your sinuses on consignment
Cuban Missile Crisis pulling pistols on Isis
National Treasure I put that on my flag forever
Black & Decker with The Fixx I put shit back together
Black Beretta Black umbrella Glad Bag in bad weather
Broken home full of homewreckers and Crack Peddlers
40 days 40 nights I'm on a hunger strike
Rubbing Crystal Light on her gums gave her an under bite (ugh)
Trunk full of guns Muslim Sons coming for my life
I've been on the Run since I was young but I'm Too Young To Die Summertime bullets fly like Eagles in the sky
Cross my Heart hope to die she's sticking needles in her thigh
They'll never take me alive cops tried to pay me a bribe to snitch on my guy like The Central Park Five
The thought never crossed my mind never crossed that line
Unless we on horseback Riding that Dakota Pipeline
Penthouse looking like Prince house Guinness Stout In my elephant snout
Measuring an ounce Melanin'd out
The jurys still out on my jewelry amount
Usually I got too much loot on me to count (ugh)
Leeches and lames i rebuke you in Jesus name
Gold chain looking like Dana Dane on my way to Spain
Saran Rap on the way
From the Pyrex to the cellophane
Say my name in vain Jesus H, I make,
tweakers shake turntable needles break
Divide the pie 3 ways, oyster pearl briefcase
Corona girls jumping out of big ass gluten free cakes
Cops in pursuit outside the Jamba Juice
Told me stop or I'll shoot I aint spill 1 drop of fruit
Hustler of the Year open your eyes recognize
I sold Patti LaBelle bean pies to the F.O.I.
Jon Snow trapping out of Castle Black on Camelback
Welcome to PyrExpeditioN
The Road To Saran Rap..
Track Name: MCRNM
If looks could kill i foot the bill look at my grill (ugh)
The truth revealed tooth and nail you should kneel (ugh)
Pay homage to the modern-day Islamic, Marvin Gaye Prophet of Rage, Isaac Hayes at The Forum
Strike without warning like white lightning in the morning
Murder i wrote it in blood my typewriter was broken (yeah)
The Chosen One gods begotten only son
The Holy One my family maiden name is Magdalene
30 packs of blunts in honor of my big cousin Duck
My cousin Titus crashed his truck driving back from Madison
Bob Dylan in Polo linen
Master of the universe sole controller of the solar system
Beat the pussy up like Im fresh home from prison
But K-Ci and JoJo was a no-show at the wedding
Double-cross me you'll get thrown off a roof on Wall Street
Rumors of adultery got my woman salty
1st class power naps on the plane Chihuahua on my lap
Coke bottle frame model dame with the bottle caps (ugh)
Business I'm on top of that liquor stores at laundromats
For 10 years straight i been showing y'all how to rap but..
Muthafuckas Cant Rhyme No More 4X
(Verse 2)
I speak proper English my posture is Sealy Posturepedic
Red carpet treatment Walking Dead up out the precinct
Red bottom shopping sprees at Neiman's
Reading The Celestine Prophecy drinking Riesling
Little homie trying to get his weight up
I told him, it's either pay up or duck duck grey duck
You aint hustling you buffering I'm the plug and the server
If not for the marijuana ida been in jail for murder
Although by past does not define who i am at this time
But the fact Still Remains, m************ can't rhyme
Its a flat line every time me n Tek connect
Our meetings of the minds are like Bush n Cheney circa '99
Every verse is like turpentine, white folks staring like I got a turbine on
Black privilege Scott La Rock had em all
I'm here to answer my ancestors every beck and call praise Allah
It aint my fault
Track Name: PyrExpeditioN (Brick In Da Bag)
Old habits die young
My ex on the phone line one
I moved on i shut em out Cy Young
I'm hanging up she hanging on by a thumb
Hang-10 hang gliding by the sun
Came a long way from that Insane asylum
I aint looking back I aint looking in the past life coming at me fast
Got my foot on the gas
And if I crash, all I ask is, spread my ashes over Minneapolis
What the f*** happened all these coons rapping
You and your crew should move to Coon Rapids
Play my s*** dope boys go crazy
Play your s*** white boys Old Navy
80's baby black Warren Beatty
Worshipped by the ladies like Morris Daily
I know The Time like Jerome in his prime
Nigga i was born to shine like formula 409
Defy the laws of physics like quantum physics
You out your cotton-picking mind no competition
We the hottest ticket the cross is frostbitten
Rocking Ice in a blizzard Christ has risen
20/20 vision the money is our religion
Got the keys to the city getting paid on commission
Every day I stayed dipped every outfit drippin
All my kicks is flickin, limited edition
PyrExpeditioN no intermission nobody listens
Its way too many wrists in the kitchen




RIP Bro Son
You was as real as they come
It's hard to move on with you gone
But still the job gotta get done
I ain't never been one to give up, I aint never been one to bite my tongue
You a jiggaboo nigga and the jig's up, like I said old habits die young
Daddy's home don't approach the throne
Time to postpone all you post malones
Its the Final Chapter for all you viral rappers (hahaha)
Crack me up like chiropractor
Elder Statesman felony probation in a Cell by myself that's a Celebration Florida vacation Californication got my dick looking like a California Raisin Cool J Kangol looking like a Halo tilted at an angle but never at the table Chattanooga Chalice full of Jamo, hash in the volcano
Think I'll pass I'm straight bro
Far from illiterate perfect penmanship only work for benefits and business trips
When the tension get thick like b****** in Brazil
The Adderall feel like a limitless pill
I got clientele n***** signed sealed and delivered
God-Body nigga Rodney Dangerfield nigga
PyrExpedetioN no intermission nobody listens
Its way too many wrists in the kitchen

Track Name: CHAMPION
I pray to the east dummy not the Easter bunny
I spent arab money on Egyptian mummies
Went to Applebees and spent a rack on drinks
All because the Kids eat free after 3
I smoke back-to-back Cadillac converter
And drove all my white friends to see Nat Turner
Bi-coastal, 5 hour flight
Im an anti-social...Socialite
Pull up a chair put your blunts in the air
Ashtray looking like Donald Trump hair
Went to MoneyGram left wit twenty-grand
They like have a nice day Mr. Cunningham
When I die bury me alive in all tie dye
Right beside the Bride of Frankenstein
On the count of five lets all drink this cyanide
Cuz f****** with me that's a suicide


They call me Edward paper rock scissor hands
A thousand grams that's an avalanche
Call an ambulance no call a fire truck I'm so fired (Put em up Put em up) You wanna try your luck you feel inspired bruh,
You want to chime in this aint China bruh
You wanna try again aint no do overs
This aint the Bible kid you aint Jew-Hova
Don't be silly homie you billy goat'n, Billy Ocean, Billy Goats Gruff
I am Willie Cologne'n wit da buttons open
Chest hair showing like Morris Chestnut
Last of a Dying Breed Assassin's Creed, Crown Apple Fiend Johnny Appleseed
I practice what I preach John 3:16
Nosebleed seats taking one for the team
Track Name: I Rap U Rap
I rap for fat chicks that eat catfish and practice witchcraft
U rap for lames that get cat fished n listen to riff raff
I rap for post traumatic cat daddy's wit gold teeth
U rap for savage suburban meth addicts wit no teeth

I rap for old white dudes that remind me of George Carlin
U rap for old white dudes that remind me of Ben Carson
I rap for lesbians u rap for Republican
I rap for Mexicans Haitians and Eritreans

I rap for group chats and unlimited data
U rap for douchebags that be saying all lives matter
I rap for blow jobs and happy endings
U rap for bros wit no job and no ambition

I rap for crips on Penn
U rap for chicks that watch friends
I rap for homies doin long jail stints
U rap for Mike Pence and trail mix
I rap for fly chicks that say what the fuk they think
U rap for dudes that be like, "Oh what's up u can't speak?"

I rap for homies in the klink never getting released
U rap for homies never been in the klink talking to police
I rap for hustlers getting paper on a thursday
U rap for lil ratchets that eat asses on the 1st date

I rap for Niggas who get shot twice in the same year
U rap for dudes who got both eyebrows pierced
I rap for Leanord Peltier and Mumia
U rap for lynyrd skynyrd fans and fans of madea
Track Name: 2Die4 (Mia Culpa) Feat.Tek
Valley of the Dead I got a bounty on my head
Ramsey County in that alley getting bread
A thousand grams in the fridge gramma in the bed
Falling on deaf ears I aint listen to what she said
Mujahideen that's the title I was given
Wasn't my decision blame it all on my religion
Although I will take the blame for the dew point
The climate change just another minority viewpoint
It's cold in here homies is Frozen here so we smoke in here
Focus on the mirror once the coast is clear
Left a c-note souvenir for my students there
They looking at me like OMG Zulu Zulu's here
My life I live it as if I was born with white privilege (how u see it mane) Gucci goggles with the night vision
5% wizdom multiplied by 9 Christians
How can I apologize for my existence

I never had lie for it lie for it
But u know i had to steal for it steal for it
I never had to die for it die for it
But you know i had to kill for it kill for it


Me n Tech ancient Egypt in the flesh
PyrExpeditioN inspired by life and death
I was in Chicago with Silas and fools was wet
It was quiet on the set from Toronto to Quebec
Even though we had to leave home we never left
Had to do what's best for us despite the success
All the nights we was stressed, fighting until the death
Not one rapper survived, knife to the neck
The drums Saved our Life we had a right to be blessed
And the drugs payed the price for them nights in the sesh
Villarosa Cosa Nostra Mafioso
Minnesota forgive me Mia Culpa
When the tables turn they gon turn like David Stern
Like AP on the Vikings you play me or you fight me
It's only right I play goalie or stolen Ice
Still knocking em out at fist fights and open mics
Track Name: NotOnMyWatch
Just because we Gods
Don't mean we aint got flaws
They said we broke the law, hell naw
The law was broke before hell ya
We stepped foot on the soil we was robbed
Word is bond we've been had all along
Puppets n Pawns justice been gone this country is wrong
(what the f*** are we on)
Good Morning Vietnam, its the dawn of the Purge dog mark my words dog Money back guarantee I'll be in Prague, way before the Coast Guard submerge dog
War is not the answer word to Jo Jo Dancer and that's just a fact my dude But ain't no peace as far as I can see my g, well at least from this altitude
Nigga wit a attitude f*** the police and f***** fast food that's on my mama
If its FDA-approved best believe it's all bad for you especially tap water
Apparently Amerikkkee is scared me i see em reaching y'all
Why the hell they tweaking y'all
They keep saying sorry to me for no reason at all
f****** an apology fuk your white guilt and f*** rice milk fuk Greek mythology
Fast forward to your glass of yogurt can't afford one more corroded artery Geometry, trigonometry, stupidity triggered by technology
Sonically we all sound asleep
While the powers that be keep counting sheep


We're at the point of no return
If i was you i'd be concerned
Paranoid at every turn
Boys will be boys when will they learn
I'm inspired by the words, i feel the fire and it burns
But justice will be served
We're at the point of no return

NotOnMyWatch NotOnMyWatch
(We aint letting shit slide)
NotOnMyWatch NotOnMyWatch
(Now is not the time)

Power to the people Albizu Campos gave the Afro Taino a reason to fight How is Puerto Rico not independent I don't get it something just don't seem right
How are we illegal after all this time after all we sacrificed in our life
How we posed to protest peacefully when the police keep shooting us on sight
Even tho we evil we don't mean to be so deceitful so impolite
The bigger they are the harder they fall my sister-in-law she in chemo she gon be alright
Colonized by dollar signs sponsored by online white collar crime Monopolization corporations the profit's rise while we drop like flies
It's all a lie !!
Not guilty verdicts got my stomach turning
We all watched him die right before our eyes
Black Pride, white man's burden
Shit aint fair but don't nobody care they all on their phone getting likes n shares
They rather say a prayer for the ozone layer instead of folks out here that been dying for years
I'm so sick and tired so desensitized so stigmatized so civilized
They won't empathize they won't sympathize i say Black Lives and they roll their eyes
You wanna talk about it lets talk about it
I can go on about it all god damn day
When the cops shot him it was justified
But they all cried when they shot Harambe
Track Name: Please Don't Feat.MetaSota
Please don't come at me life bro
Please don't pull out the knife bro
Please don't pull out the rifle
Please don't come me life brooooooooooooo

4K worth of snowflakes in the North Face
On my way to Forest Lake in the Ford Escape
Enterprise Rental with the Florida plates
40 in the waist 4-inch blade in my Bathing Ape (ugh)
Heart rate thumping like heart breaks and 808's
Doing 88 down the interstate with 80 eighths
Pop cans by the case plotting my plan of escape
Fucked around and pocket dialed my mans by mistake
Them conversations gotta wait the combination to the safe is A1
100 racks at stake (ugh)
We used to trap out the back of Dalton Estates
That was back when niggas didn't rat when they caught a case
Now everybody Lawless and out of shape
That's why I live in outer space f***** a house on the lake (ugh)
As I accelerate on the gas quick fast these are the breaks on behalf of the paper chase


We was this close to Rock Bottom
Till we got the drop on em and molly-whopped em for all his oxycontin
Met em in the parking lot of Red Robin with the bail bondsman and the red bone bitch in the bell-bottoms
We serve wholesale straight out the Ramada
We turn hotels to hotel Rwanda
Blue Dolphins dope deals dollar signs and drama
Go to jail and post bail we out by Manána
Divide-and-conquer warmonger fire breathing monster
Godzilla step on y'all niggas like Eiffel Towers
Clam chowder behind the counter for happy hour
Plukee Duke playing patty-cake with the baby powder
All I'm saying is you pay what you weigh to live
And it's been that way ever since the days of the Bebe Kids
But i aint here to babysit no kids bitch
I been 86'd from Red Lobster since '06


The Fact remains its all for capitol gain
Rush hour traffic i was in the left lane
Stuntin is a habit smell it thru the cellophane
Bustin out the plastic like puddles in the rain
So much confusion on the brain its a crying shame
But i refuse to play the crying-game
Win lose or draw we all die the same
Please don't come at my life mane....

Track Name: Ca$hDro Feat.Yrak Saenz n Maria Isa
Coming Soon...